Of windy beach walks and squat cleans

So I had a morning off and thought, well now wouldn’t it be lovely to take the lil dogster to the beach. It was sunny and looked quite lovely outside, perhaps a touch breezy but not bad. Of course idiot here forgot a touch breezy here meant gale force winds at the beach. Now we all know that sunscreen is best anti aging thing ever but what happens when you combine sunscreen with driving bitterly cold rain and being sand blasted. That’s right you look like you’ve an awful skin melting disease.

Yes I look amazing don’t I. Jasper enjoyed the walk and found a small stick he hoped to take home.

I can do it mum…

Charlotte was less than impressed by the whole affair, but doesn’t she look cute with lil J dog?

As alway it was gorgeous at Alnmouth, whatever the weather it s worth the trip and the rain washed sand reflecting the sun was quite spectacular.

CrossFit was excellent today, I loved and I mean loved the squat cleans I had programmed. Deadlifts were alright and assault bike was bluegh. So all in jolly good fun. Full workout on Instagram.

Author: samrkelly

"Mostly harmless"

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