Day 3 and suprise cravings

I had to pop into Lidl yesterday and for the first time ever I had that mouth watering thing friends talk about when they walk past the pastries. Now I generally eat healthily even before this so I would only occasionally buy a spontaneous treat. I’ve always had an unspoken rule that if I wanted something desperately I’d just have it. I’d factor it in to that weeks calories but I’d have it and damn well enjoy it. Cake with friends, ice cream on a Friday night etc. So the only difference is I know I can’t. It’s a mental thing, at the moment I can’t so my my brain is saying “I want”. Is that why highly restrictive diets are so prone to failure? The mind literally rebels against what it’s being told to do? Now mine knows it’s not allowed processed treats it certainly is!.

Other than that all is going fine, I’m certainly getting fibre in and a lot more fat but mainly through nuts and olive oil so I’m not especially worried about that. The only other slight sticking point came in the evening, I was having a movie evening with my son and he was having ice cream and haribo, normally I’d have a bit of ice cream or chocolate with a film and I don’t want to seem like I’m not taking part in family life so threw together a dessert of forms, a banana, peanut butter, frozen berries heated in the microwave and a splash of coconut milk.

Oh and a happy suprise today in that Aldi falafels are sugar free. Heck yeah!

Today’s food below in pictures and words:-


2 boiled eggs

2 corn thins with butter thinly spread

Bowl of fruit


Salad made with leaves, sprouted lentils, blueberries, sugar snap peas, pecans, olive oil

3 oat cakes, 2 with pease pudding (American friends may have to look this up!) 1 with peanut butter.


Salad leaves and grapes


Mint dip made with goat yoghurt and fresh mint.


Banana, peanut butter, frozen berries heated in the microwave and a splash of coconut milk.

Nakd bar.

I did miss having a yoghurt after lunch and came so close to picking a couple of harribo out of a packet my son had left on the sofa. Without even thinking about it! How often do we do that?

Total sugars 83g

Alcohol 0

Rest day from the gym and running so exercise was walking the dog and yoga

Author: samrkelly

"Mostly harmless"

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