Day 4 – dreamt of accidental snacking

Last night I dreamt I accidentally picked at sweets the kids had left lying around, that thing when they are in your mouth before you even really realise you’ve picked them up! I had similar dreams when I was pregnant with all 3 kids. I’d accidentally eat something I shouldn’t like mayo or I’d find myself out with friends drinking heavily and smoking. Of course it never happened there were simply anxiety dreams as my mind tried to wrap itself round new rules and the fear of breaking them.

Today’s food in pictures and words,I forgot to take some pictures! Sorry!


Home made museli- Oats, half raw half toasted, raspberries, blueberries, pecans, 3 dates, unsweetened almond milk.


Baked potato with cottage cheese.

Bell pepper, carrot sticks and humous.


Vegetable burger with new peas, carrot and parsnip roasted with rosemary.

Annoyingly I forgot to photograph this one!


100 % dark chocolate, a nakd bar, 2 corn crackers with peanut butter and apple.

Oh my word the 100% with orange oil is actually amazing!!!

Sugars total and breakdown of specifics here

Exercise was a run walk run with Jasper the dog at the beach. This is Jasper

This was our run, not a fun one as it was incredibly windy at the beach seemingly in all directions but especially in one. I felt amazing afterwards though and that is the entire reason I exercise.

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