Day 11 – whine, whine, wine

I really want a large cold glass of dry white wine. I want it so much I can taste it in the back of my throat that delicious cool crispness. I don’t drink regularly or eat badly, but like a lot of people when life is tough I have the urge to comfort myself with nice things, it’s an almost primal urge. I had green tea instead.

I’m in the middle of a family dispute with my son, of course the irony of being on a mediation training course while in the middle of a family dispute is not lost on me.

Anyway onto today, the mediation course is really interesting although during some of the role playing practices I felt myself almost tearing up as I’m feeling so vulnerable. Playing at being in conflict while heartbroken and in conflict is rather weird.

Today’s food- just in words


Oats, mango, almond milk


Bun with egg mayo, salad


Potato waffles, 3 eggs, tinned peas

Raspberries, blueberries, pomegranate seeds creme fraiche

Author: samrkelly

"Mostly harmless"

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