Day 15 – a catch up on the week

I think I passed the course, though how I did with everything going on heavens knows. I think the distraction was probably a good thing. I came home last night really apprehensive.

Today I spent the morning on the phone to various professionals today virtually begging for help for my son. They are pretty much of the opinion that the only one who can stop taking drugs is the person taking drugs. Which is an awful thing but true. The whole think is so sad and I really hope he chooses to get well.

Anyway I stuck to my no sugar, no booze in the midst of all this and while on a course away from home. There were times I was very tempted though. Especially to comfort eat. The university is amazing and such a friendly environment to the point where they had a tea trolley arrive mid morning and mid afternoon with a tea and scones or pastries. Pure torture!

Look how lovely these are!!

I stuck to my guns by when I arrived getting a Tesco delivery to meet me where I was staying. I’d brought a lunch box and took packed lunches every day. Then cooked in the evening. There have been two times I’ve eaten out yesterday and today. Yesterday I went to pret as they have quite plain salad boxes. I just didn’t add the dressing. Today I ordered a grilled chicken salad without croutons and dressing.

I haven’t managed to photograph everything etc, with the course and all the drama just sticking to no sugar no booze has been hard enough but I will try this week!

Author: samrkelly

"Mostly harmless"

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