Day 17 – cinnamon and natto

I’m becoming obsessed with cinnamon, how did I never realise how amazing it is! After just over 2 weeks cinnamon in almond milk cocoa seems to negate the need for sugar.

I was thrilled to find that as long as don’t add the sauces there are brands of natto I can have. I love natto! Plus it’s really good for my gut biome.

Today’s food in words and pictures- I actually took the photos this time!!!


Oats, mixed berries, cinnamon, semi skimmed milk, cacao nibs.


Green salad leaves, feta, pomegranate, olive oil, no added sugar balsamic vinegar.

Apple, blackberries, raspberries crème Fraiche


Sweet potato burger, natto, grapes, rocket, sugar snap peas, olive oil.


Nakd bar

100% dark chocolate

I am really starting to enjoy food again, for the first couple of weeks I was quite aware of what I couldn’t have. Now I’m starting to look forward to what I can have. Though I’m sure there will be hiccups along the way. I have had a couple of people ask if I’m hoping to lose weight and the answer is no not really, in fact because I’m adding in creme Fraiche and olive oils calories wise I’m eating around 100 to 150 more a day. Maybe I’ll get plump on sugar free!!!!

Total sugars

Exercise – CrossFit

Followed by a dog walk

Jasper and I spotted the new sign for the series of The Heist being filmed here. We looked for villains or detectives but we’re disappointed.

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