Day 18 – beach yoga, coffee and thinking about birthday cake.

I went to a beach yoga class which turned out to be a bootcamp and although I’m sure it was perfect as far as bootcamps go I hate group exercise generally. I know you’re thinking “why go to a yoga class then?” well because to me yoga is different, you’re doing your own practice around other people. It’s a hanging out but seperate vibe. Group exercise is all that “all in it together” mostly humiliating myself being crap at running kinda stuff. Also because I was expecting yoga I turned up in my vans and ended up having to go barefoot or ruin vans and think I broke my toe on something. Still it was beautiful scenery.

No my little toe isn’t normally this fat

I’ll definitely go back if it’s good weather next week and will be yoga but if it’s overcast and likely to be “bootcamp” I’ll just practice at home I think 😂

On the positives for today I had some really lovely support from a couple of old friends, one I met for coffee and the other via the phone. But I felt that very special thing where you genuinely believe someone is there for you. Which is lovely.

Things aren’t any better with my son, in fact I’d say worse. I’m hoping he’ll get the help he needs. Or should I say will take the help he’s being offered. We met today for a chat with a counsellor, it was so awful I think it will be many weeks before I feel comfortable even sitting in a room together again.

Food wise I forgot to photograph today but it was a fairly bland just get food sorted day.


Oats, apple, dates


Corn cakes, butter, cheese


Falafels, salad, grapes, natto,


Dark chocolate

Total sugars – virtually all from 30g of dates this morning

It’s coming up to my birthday and I’m pondering what to do about birthday cake, shall I allow rice syrup as some of the “sugar free” gurus do because it’s glucose and the evil bit is apparently fructose. Or should I make a whole load of raw cakes which would probably all basically taste like banana or date or banana, date and avocado. Any thoughts?

Author: samrkelly

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5 thoughts on “Day 18 – beach yoga, coffee and thinking about birthday cake.”

  1. Well that’s the struggle you face when you quit sugar – I am currently trying this myself and it is hard:) But I think I have seen a recipe without any fructose…I’ll write if I find it.


      1. Found it!
        1 3/8 cups of flour
        a tiny bit more than 3/8 cup of cocoa
        1 cup of xylitol
        1/2 teaspoon of salt
        1/2 teaspoon of bicarb soda
        1/2 teaspoon baking powder
        1 teaspoon vanilla
        100 ml of fizzy water
        100 ml of grape juice
        1/4 cup of apple sauce
        50 ml of sunflower oil
        1 tablespoon of vinegar

        Preheat the oven to 338 degrees Fahrenheit. Mix the dry ingredients all together then add the rest. Mix until the dough is lump-free and spray the ring cake-form with baking-spray so the cake won’t stick to the form. Bake for 30 minutes and let the cake cool about another 30 minutes. The cake tastes wonderful with cherry-sauce or chocolate chunks.

        Have a lovely birthday


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