Day 22 – slight mishap and a trip to Bamburgh

It was actually a really lovely day today. After house stuff I spent a little time at gym on the air bike. Exercise always, always clears my mind. Of course I’m limited with broken toes, but my over sized Primark trainers allowed me to get on the bike.

After lunch I took my daughter to Bamburgh which is a pretty little village a short drive away. It has quite an impressive castle, but pretty much everywhere here has a castle! It’s not something Northumberland is short on.

Jasper particularly enjoyed killing the seaweed. It’s one of his favourite pursuits at beaches.

There was a slight mistake with a cappuccino I ordered. It came with sugared chocolate, I had asked for cinamon. Now in some circumstances I would have said something, but the lad who served me had been told off 3 times just while I was waiting and with a queue forming behind me I thought I’m not making a fuss. So I scrapped it off as best I could.

This is me looking impressed

I so, so, so wanted a gin. Warm days and gin. Argh.

Today’s food and total sugars


Eggs and corn crackers


Roasted chickpea and olive salad


Banana and cherry ice cream with cacao nibs (made with just frozen fruit blended)


Seeds, nakd bar

Exercise- air bike

Author: samrkelly

"Mostly harmless"

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