No weigh! – time to measure up

I don’t weigh myself, I haven’t for years. I use to. But I don’t have a healthy relationship with scales. I had a number of friends in my teens/early 20s with eating disorders and as a result a number that I think I should weigh still exists in head. That number happens to be extremely clinically underweight. I hoovered around it for a number of years due to a combination of genes and poverty as a single parent (many years back) but as I got older that number as with many things became unimportant. I know however scales would give me a mind f**k so I don’t use them.

I do however feel totally ok with a tape measure, that’s my preferred guideline and at the start of my last challenge measured myself to see what impact the year of CrossFit would have on me. I’m going to continue to do so across this year again out of interest.

It’s also no coincidence that both the challenges I picked are health based. After my daughters illness I was a little chubby, that’s not a great example to her. Although it’s perfectly normal after massive stress. I want as part of these challenges not only to raise awareness and money for research but also to set an example to her. Not that I think living healthily will save her from her genes but we all know that a healthy lifestyle makes it easier to deal with a recover from illness and surgery. The healthier she is the better she’ll cope. The healthier I am the better I will look after both of her brothers (who have their own struggles) and her.

Anyway the waffle bit done here’s the measurements I started with at the beginning of my CrossFit challenge and now. I’ll keep an eye on them during this year also, I’m keeping calories the same as before the challenge. Between last year and today I’ve lost 17 inches (on the areas I measured). I wonder what a year of no sugar and booze will do…

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5 thoughts on “No weigh! – time to measure up”

  1. I am also allergic to the scale & haven’t known my weight since college, when I got in a phase of weighing myself twice a day & was down to 90lbs (40.8233). Back in the halcyon days when I briefly had health insurance the one time in my adult life I had my only, ever regular prescription for some time, ambien, for my killer insomnia. I’d have to go back in for a check every 3 months, so the doctor could get her copay bribe to continue the prescription. The nurse would weigh me and I’d say, “This might be weird, but I’m going to cover my eyes and don’t tell me the number.”

    Once when I was in yoga teacher training I’d been stressed and was again super-duper thin and stringy. The nurse was rolling her eyes at me a little. I knew she thought I had an eating disorder, but it was just situational stress.


    1. I honestly don’t think they are helpful to large number of people. Especially if you train as we know a 9 st person who is muscular is going to look smaller than a 9 st person who is carrying little muscle and more adipose tissue. But the scale weighs both the same. Some one training could have lost fat but actually gained overall weight making them feel rubbish about themselves. A tape measure tells you if you’re getting bigger or smaller and if you’re into being nipped callipers can tell how much is fat.


      1. Agreed. And it’s far too easy to let your entire mood be ruled by the scale. I’ve long subscribed to the “method” of wearing a pair of tight jeans if I feel I’m getting a bit pudgey. Tight jeans are a fantastic diet tool!


      2. Yes jeans are totally my method of checking, there were a pair of jeans that I hadn’t been able to get into since before Charlotte was ill and that was my first goal. They now fit and I’ve a smaller pair from a few years ago that I’m hoping to get back into at some point

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