Week overview of natural sugar intake.

I had the bright idea yesterday that rather than boring you every day (I still might) with what I ate and what sugars I took in that day I could use my fitness Pal week overview. So below you’ll find my total sugars for the week. Around 40g a day about the amount in a can of coke. Funny when you think of it that way.

I’m still sticking with my sugar free booze free intentions. Oh boy, if ever I was going to cave it would have been this week. It’s been hell, everything I was working towards to try and help my son wasn’t just undermined but ripped up and thrown away plus a wedge driven between we’ll never overcome. I’m now in one of those situations where it’s like when you’re looking at a broken plate on the floor. You can try and glue it but it won’t ever be useable again. What’s been broken is broken for good, trust works like that.

It’s heartbreaking but I’m going to try and focus on moving forward. We are looking into relocating as soon as we practically can. I just want out of here. Now. Honestly if I could pack a bag and leave tomorrow I would!

Until I can it’s just keeping busy, daughter and I had a lovely couple of hours doing just that at Bamburgh castle. If you ever visit Northumberland it’s one you must see!

Author: samrkelly

"Mostly harmless"

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