Day 44- the weeks round up

This week is slightly higher in natural sugars than last week. I’ve stopped caffeine which means no more wonderful dark chocolate in the evening and date balls instead. Yes I need something in the evening, I’ve trained my mind to work via delayed reward as in I can say no to everything tempting during the day knowing I will have something nice in the evening.

You’ll notice there are 2 days missing those were the ones my daughter and I were traveling to and from Manchester and eating out as a result, a lot of it such as restaurant food I’d been making wild guesses trying to log it. So what’s the point really? I did thoroughly grill the waiters who were all really wonderful and kind and checked for me after I explained what I was doing.

I think I might now that life is settling down a little go back to daily logging of food one here. We’ll see tomorrow !!!

Featured image is Archie the cat because he’s next to me right now looking glorious.

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The weeks sugar sources listed below.

Author: samrkelly

"Mostly harmless"

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