Don’t drink, don’t smoke what do ya do? Subtle innuendos follow

“Don’t drink don’t smoke what do ya do” well not caffeine any more that’s for sure.

I’ve not been sleeping well, I realise it’s stress but of course the best thing to do is eliminate anything that is within my control. So it’s good bye coffee. Ugh so sad.

I’m going to be left with nothing to give up by the end of this year. I’ll need to think of a seedy vice for a hobby.

Right now I’m cooking a weeks worth of food for my elder son. He is working long hours so I’m doing his meal prep. I pointed out this the last time he whined about being tired. That he’s literally got staff who do his washing, cooking, shopping etc so he can shhhush. Joking aside I don’t mind. The tricky thing is he needs huge amounts of calories. He’s a large muscular man on his feet all day. So I’m cooking the opposite to how I normally would, it’s all the almond butter and coconut oil and oh my god it smells amazing.

No particular adventures in no sugar land, I’ve found a “frozen yogurt” I like. Basically 100g blueberries and 100g goat yoghurt blended together. It’s good! Really good.

It’s also a very important day today. It’s Jasper’s coming home day. Happy coming home day J dog.

Author: samrkelly

"Mostly harmless"

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