Hysterectomy positivity, why and how it relates to Charlotte

A few friends have been surprised by my attitude towards my hysterectomy. There are a few reasons. Firstly I was utterly fed up with bleeding all the time. I was tired and drained. I also worried about the risk of the thickening endometrial layer flipping into malignancy. So to a large degree it was a no brainer.

Now once this was decided I could have taken 1 of 2 approaches, I could have become very distressed by the whole the matter or I could take it as positively as possible.

Here’s the thing, my daughter knows already that unless a cure is found for Cowden Syndrome and PTEN disorders she will have to have the very same operation. Her risk of endometrial cancer is too high to not. She will be far far younger than I have. Most likely in her 30s. If she saw me breaking down how would that affect her? I won’t let her worry any more about the future she faces than she has to already so I’ll continue to focus on the positives of this change.

Plus more periods or pms is definitely a reason to celebrate!!

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Author: samrkelly

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