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Quick update

Not been brilliant at blogging this week, life has been rather arsey and is continuing to be so. I can’t see the likelihood of it being any less rubbish any time soon. Husband and I are toying with the idea of saying f it and moving to the Shetlands or somewhere in Spain/France as a

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Birthday weekend

Long post ahead. Be warned, thankfully like the best books most of it’s pictures. Firstly an obligatory cake selfie. Thank heavens I didn’t catch light! It was a very wild birthday weekend in the Kelly house this weekend. It started Saturday morning when Charlotte brought me sunflowers and a “best teacher” card. She really is

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No weigh! – time to measure up

I don’t weigh myself, I haven’t for years. I use to. But I don’t have a healthy relationship with scales. I had a number of friends in my teens/early 20s with eating disorders and as a result a number that I think I should weigh still exists in head. That number happens to be extremely

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