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Day 6- dog walk, CrossFit and struggling to eat enough

I slept for 11 hours last night. I think I needed it too. I didn’t really sleep the night before I rarely do the night before Charlotte seeing the oncologist and there are other stresses going on that I can’t talk about here. But boy did I sleep last night! Partly helped by it being

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Day 5 – Why am I doing this challenge?

Today was a check up for my daughter, she’s now on 6 monthly oncology appointments and 3 years into remission. You would think that means she’s pretty much out of the woods but after her cancer diagnosis she tested positive for a PTEN gene disorder and along with other markers was diagnosed with Cowden Syndrome.

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Day 2

Brief post today, no exciting discoveries re hidden sugars and food wise kept it simple. Breakfast Fruit, goats yogurt, seeds Lunch A lot of veg, 3 eggs, sprinkle of cheese Dinner Stew, corn crackers, butter Snacks Naked bar (squished dates no added sugar yey) 100% dark chocolate Total sugars 65 g From the below sources

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