My hysterectomy and oorphectomy experience – part 1

Day 1 – operation day, it all went smoothly apart from not being able to find veins to put the cannula in. Ouch on both hands. The op itself was vaginal but laproscopically assisted. I woke up confused, sore and hungry. I had pre-ordered food that sounded sugar free. That’s the best I can do in hospital. I refused to use the bedpan and managed to get to the loo when I wanted to pee. I wanted to be on my feet as soon as possible. The staff were lovely apart from one of the night nurses who was well very classic “why are you bothering me” night nursey.

Day 2 – busting out of here..”hi doctor I’m fine yup I’ve peed, all is good, bye bye now” well it went a little like that with the addition of them ultrasounding my bladder to make sure I could actually pee. Arrived home and went for a very very very slow walk, rested then walked again. I had been given some oral morphine for the first couple of days. I just took it at bed time. The rest of the day I alternated ibuprofen and paracetamol. Oh I also added a new rule to my list of rules for this fundraiser medicine with sugar in is allowed. No way on god’s earth I was going without painkillers on the first night! Food wise it’s lots of veggies and good fats for skin repair and inflammation reduction. I’ve always believed that diet is do important for pretty much everything. I don’t assign magical properties but it definitely forms a building block of health.

Day 3 – I pooped and it didn’t hurt and my insides didn’t fall out! Result. The air in my chest and wind generally is bothering me. The trapped wind is making my abdomen incredibly uncomfortable as it’s around where my uterus was removed. The feeling of air in my chest cavity is just bizarre. Did you know they inflate you with laproscopic surgery so they can see inside? Very clever but after feels really weird.

Day 4 – Generally feeling well, I’m walking daily a couple of times a day making sure I’m at a pace that doesn’t hurt. My brain is not working on full power and my short memory is shot.

Day 5 – Still feeling ok and mood wise very stable and but hot flushes are hitting with a fury. I’m now just taking paracetamol and ibuprofen at bedtime. As I’m upping my walking I want to feel connected with any pain so I know when to stop. I am still of course tired at various points in the day. Imy the wonderful woman covering my classes popped by with a card from my students which was super sweet.

Day 6 – walking is going well, I’m covering 3 to 4 miles a day at the moment. I’m sticking with routes that loop back close to my house in case I get tired and need to go home asap.

Day 7 – It’s my daughter’s birthday tomorrow so I need to bake cakes, this along with my little walks left me very tired. An amazing friend however dropped by with food so after I’d finished the cakes I didn’t have to cook such a huge help and relief. I’m astounding how little I’ve bruised, my surgeon must have been bloody good at his job! Cake wise I went for the same I made for my birthday, sugar free and raw food goodness

Day 8 – Tired after birthday prep but Charlotte wants to have a quiet hanging out day thank god! She also wants a take away for her birthday food, even better! This is exciting for Charlotte because she’s never had take away food. Um ever. I’ve always home cooked partly because I want to feed them all healthily and partly because I think take out is very expensive for a family of 5 compared to what I can cook in a short time. Tonight I’m going for it though. Again luckily because of my amazing friend Ali I didn’t have to worry about what I was having. I had the best curry and rice possible in the fridge. Oh and did I mention she made it all sugar free. I started on estrogen cream this morning. The consultant said I could once back to “normal” activity. I’m walking around 4 to 5 miles a day now so I’ll count that as normal.

Day – 9 hot flushes still coming thick and fast and I’m waking up waaaay too early. This is bothering me. More birthday celebrations, ate too much felt great for it though. The trapped wind and abdominal air is pretty much gone and my stomach is back to nearly flat.

Day -10 Still hot and bothered I’m genuinely wondering if this bio I’d stuff is worth the bother or if I should just take the pills from the doctor. I woke up at 5.30 after not enough sleep the tiredness ran through the day. Right now as I sit here all I want to do is go to sleep. On the bright side I am back to walking at a reasonable pace.

I stopped the bio id cream and took an elleste pill instead. I also took behind the counter antihistamine based sleeping pills. Of course this is a very short term solution.

I had a look at Garmin and apparently walked 25 miles in the last 7 days and did 75,000 steps. Mind you my way of dealing with most life stressors is to go for a walk and in the past year a run. I’ll be leaving the running for a while. Not sure jiggling my insides up and down right now would be a great idea.

I have stuck with the sugar free the medication being the exception, and of course hospital food not being an entirely known quantity. Even though right now I’d kill for a bar of dairy milk. I haven’t though thoroughly logged in my fitness Pal. There were some days it was just too much mentally.

Disclaimer- I am not suggesting in any way that anyone follows what I have been doing. This is simply my experience. Before surgery I was exercising 6 times a week, a combination of gym, running and yoga. For me getting back on my feet and moving was the natural thing to do. Each individual needs to listen to their consultant and their body. My consultant cleared me for walking immediately as much as I liked. Mind I’m not sure he entirely understood how much I like walking!!

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Natural sugars for the past month

I haven’t been logging these weekly on here as I was at one point but I have been uploading it all into my fitness Pal. So here’s a whole month in one go!!!

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Spain! Plus a cheat day 😱

We arrived in Spain rather tired and bad tempered and ready to kill each other. It wasn’t the earliest start in the world at 4am but early enough if like some younger Kelly’s you forget to go to bed till 1am! The villa was not disappointing nor is the area, both are beautiful. In the villa we have 2 downstairs apartments and a 3 bed flat upstairs, a pool to ourselves, 2 different outdoor eating areas, 4 balcony areas, can I just live here please?

The grumpiness mainly settled by the next day Sean and I attempted to go for an early run didn’t quite manage it out of the villa fast enough so hit the promenade at around 11.00 yes folks me you friendly neighborhood pasty red head was running in Spain in the middle of the day. After 3 miles I felt rather wobbly and found a cafe. I figured Sean would find me eventually. The rest of the day was spent in the pool enjoying the Villa and exploring Calpe, the older part of town is particularly beautiful.


We decided to chill for the morning, no running but I swam for an hour then we explored Benidorm, I’ve never been on a package holiday but of course Benidorm is famous as a resort for the party life. It was huge fun visiting almost like a British seaside town but actually sunny! I must admit I’m glad we are in the quieter town of Calpe. Later on Monday while in the pool James managed to crack Sebastian in the face with a pool net, you know the kind that is used for fishing leaves out. The poor guy has a black eye so bad it looks like he’s wearing eye liner!


We spent most of it by the pool and at the beach, that is what we are here for after all the views of mountains continue to take my breath away, it’s the first time in a long while when I’ve been on a holiday where I don’t want to go home.

I even braved going out in a bikini for the first time, oh in at least 2 decades!!!

While here I’ve been trying to keep up with exercise, running 5k in the morning and swimming for an hour some time during the day. Right now I’m sitting in a cafe after finishing my run which somehow was my fastest ever 5k in ridiculous heat!!! I think the cafe at the end helped !!!

Wednesday – Valencia

It’s about 90 minutes drive from where we are so seemed well worth the effort. The city itself is stunning though driving past the bull ring was a reminder of cultural differences. We didn’t have a set agenda as ots tricky with Charlotte we don’t know how well she’ll cope. We had a fabulous lunch which of course I had no idea how to ask what was sugar free, gluten free was hard enough. I somewhat suspect that if I’d been asking for a gluten free sugar menu in an Italian restaurant in Spain they’d have thrown me out. I’ll pay £20 penalty into the fundraising, as I knew I was paying the penalty I had 2 glasses of wine, and cake. I wanted my money’s worth for a day off the challenge!!!

It’s an absolutely beautiful city and I wish we could have spent more time there.

We did have a chance to pop into a CrossFit box and pick up a t- shirt for Seb and I. It was on his must do list! There were such lovely people and have Seb a few tips on how to get double unders.


A day spent in Calpe, a run in the morning a hike in the afternoon followed by a swim.


Spent recovering from overdoing it in the heat on Thursday!


Home time!!! Jasper was pleased to see us!

Weight loss – 23 inches (off the main bits and bobs)

One of the first questions I get asked is if I’ve lost weight over last year’s challenge and this year’s. Now although that wasn’t the aim the answer is absolutely. At a slow and steady rate. I don’t actually weigh myself but I do measurements and I know I’ve gone down a couple of dress sizes which for me usually equates to a couple of stone. In total since the beginning of my first challenge (CrossFit) I’ve lost 23 inches of the main measurable areas, of course I will have lost a bit from everywhere. With the sugar and booze free year I don’t necessarily think it’s the lack of those two that have made me lose weight rather the avoiding those two means many less impromptu calories and many more sensible decisions made.

Self fulfilment, one wedding, a birthday party, bedroom redecorate, possible Phd/Mphill and an upcoming hysterectomy.

It’s been a week or so, mainly because I’ve been crazy busy and the chance to sit down and catch up didn’t happen. Then it seems more daunting how to begin and where to channel my thoughts. As you know I had been feeling rather down, I got caught in the trap of where my life “should” be of course which means by societal standards. Which is usually a crock of shit. But it involves ticking various boxes, get a spouse, have kids, own a house, have a car, decent career, get a promotion, better car, live through your kids, even better car, fancy holiday. It never ends, it is a fools game, I realise this but sometimes still get sucked in, still feel my worth is not as much because as a carer I am not constantly ticking new boxes.

Any way I have a technique when I get in a fug, I tend to withdraw for a while and read, I focus on inspirational stories. People who have overcome obstacles, this could health wise or most recently abuse, poverty and many other set backs as was the case for David Goggins.

He is in his own words “a crazy motherfucker” not everything in his book resonated with me, but two things that really did were his ability to just keep picking himself up and his focus on self fulfilment. When did self fulfilment stop being important? Living a life to be personally proud of, which very rarely means having the best car because we all deep down know that while shiny things are awesome they don’t fill that deep well of satisfaction that doing something you personally find fulfilling does.

My focus from now on will be just that, on the matters that fill that deep well of longing for actual meaning, teaching Charlotte, spending time with family, seeing friends and it gave me the impetuous to start putting together a research degree proposal. There is a university that is showing interest, I will let you know more as and if there is more to know.

Tricky bit recently, I went to a wonderful 50th birthday party and a beautiful wedding, both I went to sober and sugar free. I have to admit that at the buffet I picked the things that I was fairly certain were sugar free and didn’t grill the bride on the matter. Would have seemed a little dickheadish really. But both occasions nothing but sparkling water passed my lips.

I did have a really tricky few days a week ago where literally all I wanted was to eat chocolate. I wanted nothing more than to dive head first into a family pack of minstrels and devour the lot. I didn’t but it was actually genuinely hard, which I know sounds bizarre but it was.

Onto the hysterectomy, I have after many years of bleeding heavily, painfully and sometimes for half a month had a hysterectomy arranged. My farewell womb date is 4th of October. I am seeing this as a positive step, I am already perimenopausal I really don’t need another five to ten years of heavy bleeding. Of course it’s not to be taken lightly, it is a major op but the consultant seems great, I was in hospital yesterday for biopsies on the endometrial layer which went well. I’m a little “stoned” feeling today and have a sore fanny but other than that all is good.

Which is why I have spent the past few weeks furiously re-decorating my bedroom, it was previously pretty bleak and if I am to spend a few weeks needing rest breaks the environment matters. Anyway thats us all caught up. I’ll post the last two weeks natural sugars tomorrow.