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Day 16 – exhausted

I’m over the first two weeks now l would love to be having some of the energy boosting that I’ve heard people who quit sugar and booze claim they have. I’m just exhausted, which I doubt is to with anything other than the situation we find ourselves in as a family. My 17 year old

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Day 2

Brief post today, no exciting discoveries re hidden sugars and food wise kept it simple. Breakfast Fruit, goats yogurt, seeds Lunch A lot of veg, 3 eggs, sprinkle of cheese Dinner Stew, corn crackers, butter Snacks Naked bar (squished dates no added sugar yey) 100% dark chocolate Total sugars 65 g From the below sources

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Help… drowning.

Day 14/260 Today was one of those workouts that I tell myself count the most. You know the very often ones that we just don’t want to do. I’m drowning under a combination of family responsibilities, work and a very large quite difficult EU law assignment. The last thing I actually wanted to do was

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