I think I’m becoming a runner

I just finished my 207th workout in this 260 challenge. It was an intervals workout and my fastest 2 to 4 mile every (according to runkeeper). Each personal best running is a source of astonishment to me. I have never run. Ever. As a kid I didn’t run and if I ever made the mistake to do so I learned very quickly to not. I was born with femoral anteversion, which actually for me at least is a very minor issue. It basically means I am knock-kneed. No not due to weak this or that as an occasionally badly trained PT or

yoga teacher will try to suggest, it’s an inward rotation of the thigh bone. This means for me to bring my knees inline is the equivalent of a person with straight femurs turning hips and knees out, to bring my hips and knees into an outward turned position is the equivalent of a straight femured person turning their knees, hips and feet out to an extreme position that actually places the knees under strain. I have to explain this quite frequently in exercise settings. It causes me no pain, no loss of leg movement. In fact it’s purely an aesthetic issue, as in the world expects everyone to look the same and gosh darn if you aren’t there will be trouble.

This made school quite hellish for me, add that to the fact I’m pale (this was the 80s in the North East everyone was orange) and have an accent that’s not quite northern. I was bullied, very bullied. If I ever ran I was openly laughed at, because guess what knock kneed people run knock kneed. I know astonishing. So I didn’t run, which probably made me quite unfit therefore if I did then run I was slow and knock kneed. Oh the horror and hilarity for the children around. I lost all faith in my body and developed a great deal of shame. I as I grew up I hid in baggy trousers and long skirts. It never would have occurred to me that I could run. I had no faith in my body to be able to anything like that. As for wearing shorts in public with not only my knock-knees but pasty skin exposed. Well that would have made me feel physically sick.

So as across this year I took up running and am actually becoming ok at it I’ve been quite astonished that I could actually do it. For me each personal best is not just a running achievement but a screw you to the people who laughed at me for being different, to the people who still laugh at others for being different.

My short shorts are especially a screw you to those who made me ashamed of my legs. Yes I’m knock kneed in fact I happily #knockkneedrunner on my Instagram posts. Why should I be ashamed of it. My legs are awesome, they are strong, flexible and getting not too shabby at running too. I will do exactly as I damn well please and if you want to laugh as I run past you go ahead I’m too old to have other people’s opinions rob me of the ability to either love myself or do something I want to.

Love from the



So I have been terrible in updating this blog, the challenge I set myself plus work looking after poorly girl, homeschooling etc frankly have left me exhausted. I have however reached over the 200 mark! I can run now, I’m not a brilliant runner but I can do it and even more excitingly I am setting up my own CrossFit interbox throwdown, all in aid of charity and of course having fun!.


Power cleans are fun

Day 17/260

Still feeling rather unwell but you know I went to the gym regardless. I saw the whole thing as a chip away at it workout, just take my time and get through it. Surprisingly even though I feel lousy power cleans felt pretty good. I only went to 50kg with the deadlifts not daft enough to do myself a mischief when I’m not at my best. Tomorrow is a rest day hurrah!. Afterwards I was given the best and I mean the best gluten free carrot in the universe by the lovely gorgeous Kate Chandler there’s still more left in The Pineapple Cafe if you are local. Go get some!
Yoga – Ashtanga standing sequence

5X3 @85%



Awesome programming by Hesus Kidd



Day 16/260

Day 16/260
Well I know why yesterdays was such a bad workout, turns out I’ve picked up a bug of some kind. Probably when I was in hospital with my 15-year-old son on Monday. It’s one of those ones where you feel lousy and want to do nothing other than curl up and nap, except you actually know that you aren’t so poorly you can’t fight through. Ugh just the worst, so I’ve spent the day studying as I should and went to the gym as I had planned. I must admit I would not have gone today if I wasn’t doing this challenge. I suspect there will be numerous episodes like this as I am quite run down. The past couple of years with my daughter’s cancer, cowden syndrome and various illnesses has had an impact on me. Which I almost feel ashamed to admit, as a mum I want to strong all the time for my kids especially when they are going through something awful. But of course, it affects me, I think there are few things worse than your child being ill. I would willingly take it from her in a heartbeat and be the one facing this path. After she was diagnosed I was tested too and came back negative for a PTEN gene disorder, I wept openly. Not because I relieved but because I was disappointed, I did not want her to have this alone. I felt so guilty I didn’t have the same issue. I know that sounds weird but it’s how I felt. I have felt powerless, useless, guilty, lost, depressed and generally exhausted. But I’ve also felt angry, not the kind of anger that turns on others the kind that gives a determination to do change the world. The kind that allows us to fight and fight I will for her for everyone with a PTEN disorder, for the rest of my life. I will fight. I suspect though that there will be a few ups and down in my own health over the next year which is to be expected, we all know stress is the biggest cause of well everything. So this will be an interesting CrossFIt journey for those of you following, usually things go “person started fitness challenge, person raised loads of dosh and became super fit” mine may be more “person started fitness challenge, had 7 million setbacks became a little fitter and (hopefully) raised loads of dosh”

I scaled the weight down and replaced wall balls with ball slams due to feeling rather awful. Photo is J dog looking how I feel!

Yoga :- Ashtanga standing sequence

CrossFIt :- 3 x5 strict press at 25 kg

Pull up prep

10 ball slams
10 burpees
x2 rounds

rest 2 mins repeat x 3