Help… drowning.

Day 14/260 Today was one of those workouts that I tell myself count the most. You know the very often ones that we just don’t want to do. I’m drowning under a combination of family responsibilities, work and a very large quite difficult EU law assignment. The last thing I actually wanted to do was take time away from my desk to workout. But I’m damn well commited to this both by agreement and mentally and I’m not letting anyone down. So of course I went, often when I don’t feel like it I have an amazing workout. Sadly today was not one of those, I just plodded through. Of course I don’t regret it, is there ever a workout that is regrettable (aside from any that cause injury!). I did however manage to leave with an amazing free cake courtesy of the fabulous Pineapple cafe which made going out worthwhile! Now back to this pile of paper.

5X3 @85%



Spring feels and day 13 of 260

This weekend I have been feeling really spring-ish, which was great yesterday when I had a beautiful drive to and from work in the morning followed by a beach trip with great people. Today not so great, after I upload this blog I will spend the rest of the day attempting to write an EU essay, I actually could not be less in the mood. I want to out and about finding mischief, I feel full of mischief today.

CrossFit was my Sunday 5k row, no personal best today just a plod along on the rower. I hope you are getting out today to frolic and find trouble on my behalf.

A view of the cheviots on the way to work


Of windy beach walks and squat cleans

So I had a morning off and thought, well now wouldn’t it be lovely to take the lil dogster to the beach. It was sunny and looked quite lovely outside, perhaps a touch breezy but not bad. Of course idiot here forgot a touch breezy here meant gale force winds at the beach. Now we all know that sunscreen is best anti aging thing ever but what happens when you combine sunscreen with driving bitterly cold rain and being sand blasted. That’s right you look like you’ve an awful skin melting disease.

Yes I look amazing don’t I. Jasper enjoyed the walk and found a small stick he hoped to take home.

I can do it mum…

Charlotte was less than impressed by the whole affair, but doesn’t she look cute with lil J dog?

As alway it was gorgeous at Alnmouth, whatever the weather it s worth the trip and the rain washed sand reflecting the sun was quite spectacular.

CrossFit was excellent today, I loved and I mean loved the squat cleans I had programmed. Deadlifts were alright and assault bike was bluegh. So all in jolly good fun. Full workout on Instagram.

I hate Thrusters

Today was day 11 of 260 CrossFit workouts, and it contained both burpees and thrusters. I have kinda made my peace with burpees, I am not terribly fast or probably terribly graceful but I can tick along quite nicely with burpees, barely muttering under my breath as I go. But thrusters, ugh I’d rather wax something…anything! Even a bikini wax would be better than thrusters. I’m sure I will eventually make peace with them as well at some point but I doubt that will be any time soon. Oh and while I was doing pull up progressions as my coach calls it (essentially I hang from a bar in a giant elastic band) I actually hauled myself up to chest to bar height, a whole twice! I know, go me!