Sugar and booze free

After last years successful fundraising I have decided to undertake another year. This time I will be giving up drinking and sugar. Why? Well when my daughter had cancer and later was diagnosed with Cowden Syndrome people had all sorts of health advice on what she should and shouldn’t be doing from the sensible such as eating veg (we already did) to the down right weird such as drinking her own wee. Yeah no. All were genuinely well intended and most were in conflict with each other “Go vegan” no “paleo is best” sorry “keto cures all” etc.

So I decided to this year spend a year from June 8th 2019 to June 7th 2020 without one thing that has proven causative links to cancer – Alcohol and one that is in a few steps is linked to cancer – refined sugar. As part of the process I will be blogging here about how I find avoiding both sugar and booze as well as with the help of scientists and doctors helping look at some of the proven paths to take in reducing our risk of cancer and busting some myths on methodologies that are more harmful than helpful (such as wee drinking). I am hoping that kind folk will sponsor me for my self deprivation and exploration of the subject of how can we help ourselves.

I want to make it clear that I’ve been lucky to never had an issue with alcohol or any sugar related health issues. I picked these two as they are very common almost unavoidable products that most people enjoy even though we know they can have serious health implications.

That’s 1 Christmas, 1 Easter, 1 Halloween, 1 family holiday, 1 46th birthday, 6 family birthdays, many friends birthdays and Christmas parties, days out and 52 weekends without a single drink or cake. I’m actually a little nervous. It’s funny how attached we can become to foods especially around events.

Now for the rules, the not drinking part is simple…do not put alcoholic drink to mouth, do not drink. Sugar is more complex, avoiding it altogether is impossible so I am going to follow the general alternative health philosophy that natural sugars are fine whereas refined and sweeteners are not. This would mean for example a date bar would be ok whereas my beloved 85% dark chocolate would not, even though the date bar would be far higher in sugar. Though too much dried fruit is also frowned upon so will be kept to a minimum.

I am this year raising funds for the international PTEN Research Foundation with the hope that this will bring us all a little closer to a cure.

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