Sugar free flapjacks and bread recipe plus last weeks natural sugar intake.

Super busy right now so apologies for the brevity. I’m struggling a little with this challenge as it takes so much time to do everything. Just to avoid those tiny bit of sugar in everything I’m making stock and all sorts of things. If I want bread I need to bake it. Thankfully I have found a way to make a pretty decent buckwheat soda bread at least and flapjacks.

500g Buckwheat flour

350ml tepid water

3 tbsp olive oil
ΒΌ tsp salt

1 tbsp lemon juice

200ml natural yoghurt

2 tsp baking powder

2 tsp xanthan gum

2 tsp bicarbonate soda

All goes in the blender gets mixed together and then into the oven for 60 mins at 180.

Really simple and easy but comes out like a wholemeal loaf.

200 g dates

200 g dried apricots

4 bananas

300 g Oats

60 g peanut butter

60 g seeds

Cinnamon and vanilla extract to taste

Blend the banana, dates, apricots and peanut butter till smooth then use a mixer to stir in the oats and seeds to keep a rough oat texture.

Bake at 180 for 20 mins

Anyway here is last weeks sugar intake

First run – since broken toes, feeling jaded with this project BUT exciting new t-shirts!

This afternoon I went for my first run since I broke 2 toes a month ago. Obviously I kept it gentle and ran 2 mins then walked 45 seconds. It was blisteringly hot and I was so worried about getting back into running but it was actually awesome. I really enjoyed it, J dog loved it, all over a success. Not fast, I’m a slow runner get over it. But I was happy with the overall pace on a sandy beach after no runs for 4 weeks and toes that are still healing.


ther than that a busy day, work, housework etc. I’m still feeling the frustration of having to make everything especially at end of a day. I think the excitement of this new project wore off and now I’m in the “oh my god this is so much work phase”. For example just getting this blueberry mousse (frozen blueberries with silken tofu) date balls and tumeric latte took 15 mins including washing up. Not a huge deal but at 8pm who can really be bothered. I know, I know first world problems of having too much food and needing to prepare it.

Excitingly there are new t-shirts in the works “sweet enough already” I love the early designs already! They will be available to order in a month or so.

If you find anything of interest or use in my blog please consider sponsoring me and help work towards a cure for Cowden Syndrome. Thank you.

Oh my word I can’t be bothered.

The hardest thing about this challenge is having to make everything. Absofrickineverything. Because pretty much anything that comes in a packet has sugar in it. Just about every damn time. So there is no I’ll just grab whatever. No it’s “oh I need more carbs” right I’ll just bake a soda bread should be ready in an hour. Oh then I’ll wash up. Ugh I am knackered tonight and I just can’t muster the energy.

I’m sure it will do me all sorts of wonders health wise but truthfully I just want to raise money so I can do Charlotte all sorts of wonders health wise, with a treatment or a cure.

Don’t drink, don’t smoke what do ya do? Subtle innuendos follow

“Don’t drink don’t smoke what do ya do” well not caffeine any more that’s for sure.

I’ve not been sleeping well, I realise it’s stress but of course the best thing to do is eliminate anything that is within my control. So it’s good bye coffee. Ugh so sad.

I’m going to be left with nothing to give up by the end of this year. I’ll need to think of a seedy vice for a hobby.

Right now I’m cooking a weeks worth of food for my elder son. He is working long hours so I’m doing his meal prep. I pointed out this the last time he whined about being tired. That he’s literally got staff who do his washing, cooking, shopping etc so he can shhhush. Joking aside I don’t mind. The tricky thing is he needs huge amounts of calories. He’s a large muscular man on his feet all day. So I’m cooking the opposite to how I normally would, it’s all the almond butter and coconut oil and oh my god it smells amazing.

No particular adventures in no sugar land, I’ve found a “frozen yogurt” I like. Basically 100g blueberries and 100g goat yoghurt blended together. It’s good! Really good.

It’s also a very important day today. It’s Jasper’s coming home day. Happy coming home day J dog.

CrossFit, weekend treats and family time.

My elder son was in CrossFit contest today which we went down to watch for a couple of hours. My younger son came too to support him which was actually really nice. I haven’t spent time with him in a long while and it was pleasant to remember that actually we do get along and have many things in common, sense of humour included. He’s looking really well too which was lovely to see.

The weather wasn’t kind to those competing and seemed to flip from raining to sun and back again. So it was either too hot or drenched through. You can see how wet it is by the reflections! We weren’t close enough and my phone camera isn’t good enough to get decent photos of my son as he was on the far side, but he’s the blue t-shirt on the way over the fence.

This is a picture of all the competitors from our gym together looking rather damp. My elder son is the slightly taller one with his shirt off.

After that it was back to more mundane weekend stuff, washing dog walk etc. I did take Jasper on one of his favourite long dog walks which involves passing sheep, a wood and a castle. Along the way we also saw a family of ducks and a pair of beautiful dragon flies

Tonight of course is Saturday evening and I must admit I do like something enjoyable with a film. This week it was cherry and banana “ice cream” (basically blended together) and plain popcorn. Honestly it was amazing fake ice cream especially with extra cinamon in.

My total sugars today were the highest they’ve been since I started this challenge. I’ve had such a headache today and just wanted fruit. As the point of this year isn’t to avoid sugar but refined sugar why the heck not. I’ll be doing a weeks total sugars tomorrow same as last week.