Spain! Plus a cheat day 😱

We arrived in Spain rather tired and bad tempered and ready to kill each other. It wasn’t the earliest start in the world at 4am but early enough if like some younger Kelly’s you forget to go to bed till 1am! The villa was not disappointing nor is the area, both are beautiful. In the villa we have 2 downstairs apartments and a 3 bed flat upstairs, a pool to ourselves, 2 different outdoor eating areas, 4 balcony areas, can I just live here please?

The grumpiness mainly settled by the next day Sean and I attempted to go for an early run didn’t quite manage it out of the villa fast enough so hit the promenade at around 11.00 yes folks me you friendly neighborhood pasty red head was running in Spain in the middle of the day. After 3 miles I felt rather wobbly and found a cafe. I figured Sean would find me eventually. The rest of the day was spent in the pool enjoying the Villa and exploring Calpe, the older part of town is particularly beautiful.


We decided to chill for the morning, no running but I swam for an hour then we explored Benidorm, I’ve never been on a package holiday but of course Benidorm is famous as a resort for the party life. It was huge fun visiting almost like a British seaside town but actually sunny! I must admit I’m glad we are in the quieter town of Calpe. Later on Monday while in the pool James managed to crack Sebastian in the face with a pool net, you know the kind that is used for fishing leaves out. The poor guy has a black eye so bad it looks like he’s wearing eye liner!


We spent most of it by the pool and at the beach, that is what we are here for after all the views of mountains continue to take my breath away, it’s the first time in a long while when I’ve been on a holiday where I don’t want to go home.

I even braved going out in a bikini for the first time, oh in at least 2 decades!!!

While here I’ve been trying to keep up with exercise, running 5k in the morning and swimming for an hour some time during the day. Right now I’m sitting in a cafe after finishing my run which somehow was my fastest ever 5k in ridiculous heat!!! I think the cafe at the end helped !!!

Wednesday – Valencia

It’s about 90 minutes drive from where we are so seemed well worth the effort. The city itself is stunning though driving past the bull ring was a reminder of cultural differences. We didn’t have a set agenda as ots tricky with Charlotte we don’t know how well she’ll cope. We had a fabulous lunch which of course I had no idea how to ask what was sugar free, gluten free was hard enough. I somewhat suspect that if I’d been asking for a gluten free sugar menu in an Italian restaurant in Spain they’d have thrown me out. I’ll pay £20 penalty into the fundraising, as I knew I was paying the penalty I had 2 glasses of wine, and cake. I wanted my money’s worth for a day off the challenge!!!

It’s an absolutely beautiful city and I wish we could have spent more time there.

We did have a chance to pop into a CrossFit box and pick up a t- shirt for Seb and I. It was on his must do list! There were such lovely people and have Seb a few tips on how to get double unders.


A day spent in Calpe, a run in the morning a hike in the afternoon followed by a swim.


Spent recovering from overdoing it in the heat on Thursday!


Home time!!! Jasper was pleased to see us!

First run – since broken toes, feeling jaded with this project BUT exciting new t-shirts!

This afternoon I went for my first run since I broke 2 toes a month ago. Obviously I kept it gentle and ran 2 mins then walked 45 seconds. It was blisteringly hot and I was so worried about getting back into running but it was actually awesome. I really enjoyed it, J dog loved it, all over a success. Not fast, I’m a slow runner get over it. But I was happy with the overall pace on a sandy beach after no runs for 4 weeks and toes that are still healing.


ther than that a busy day, work, housework etc. I’m still feeling the frustration of having to make everything especially at end of a day. I think the excitement of this new project wore off and now I’m in the “oh my god this is so much work phase”. For example just getting this blueberry mousse (frozen blueberries with silken tofu) date balls and tumeric latte took 15 mins including washing up. Not a huge deal but at 8pm who can really be bothered. I know, I know first world problems of having too much food and needing to prepare it.

Excitingly there are new t-shirts in the works “sweet enough already” I love the early designs already! They will be available to order in a month or so.

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Day 16 – exhausted

I’m having a rather exhausted morning and had planned on a fairly lazy one, then I discovered I actually was driving my eldest to work…again. Which is over an hour there and back. Oh joy. After dropping him off Jasper dog and I went for a short run on the beach, it’s not one we’ve run on before and although beautiful wouldn’t be my first choice simply because it’s so busy. I quite like to have no people when I exercise, it’s headspace time. That sounds dreadfully antisocial I realise! It was a pleasant short plod, though I do wish I would occasionally feel like I’m progressing with running. It never gets easier and I never get faster! I do always feel better for it though.

This evening I’m watching Bohemian Rhapsody with my daughter, I’ve seen the film before and love it so I’m really looking forward to that!

Today’s food in words and some pictures!


Grapes, blueberries, yoghurt and cacoa nibs


Corn crackers with cream cheese and baby corn.


Chicken korma – banana, coconut milk, and chicken breast with poppadoms and brown rice.


An Ella ball thing and 100 dark

Total sugars (all unrefined)

I think I’m becoming a runner

I just finished my 207th workout in this 260 challenge. It was an intervals workout and my fastest 2 to 4 mile every (according to runkeeper). Each personal best running is a source of astonishment to me. I have never run. Ever. As a kid I didn’t run and if I ever made the mistake to do so I learned very quickly to not. I was born with femoral anteversion, which actually for me at least is a very minor issue. It basically means I am knock-kneed. No not due to weak this or that as an occasionally badly trained PT or

yoga teacher will try to suggest, it’s an inward rotation of the thigh bone. This means for me to bring my knees inline is the equivalent of a person with straight femurs turning hips and knees out, to bring my hips and knees into an outward turned position is the equivalent of a straight femured person turning their knees, hips and feet out to an extreme position that actually places the knees under strain. I have to explain this quite frequently in exercise settings. It causes me no pain, no loss of leg movement. In fact it’s purely an aesthetic issue, as in the world expects everyone to look the same and gosh darn if you aren’t there will be trouble.

This made school quite hellish for me, add that to the fact I’m pale (this was the 80s in the North East everyone was orange) and have an accent that’s not quite northern. I was bullied, very bullied. If I ever ran I was openly laughed at, because guess what knock kneed people run knock kneed. I know astonishing. So I didn’t run, which probably made me quite unfit therefore if I did then run I was slow and knock kneed. Oh the horror and hilarity for the children around. I lost all faith in my body and developed a great deal of shame. I as I grew up I hid in baggy trousers and long skirts. It never would have occurred to me that I could run. I had no faith in my body to be able to anything like that. As for wearing shorts in public with not only my knock-knees but pasty skin exposed. Well that would have made me feel physically sick.

So as across this year I took up running and am actually becoming ok at it I’ve been quite astonished that I could actually do it. For me each personal best is not just a running achievement but a screw you to the people who laughed at me for being different, to the people who still laugh at others for being different.

My short shorts are especially a screw you to those who made me ashamed of my legs. Yes I’m knock kneed in fact I happily #knockkneedrunner on my Instagram posts. Why should I be ashamed of it. My legs are awesome, they are strong, flexible and getting not too shabby at running too. I will do exactly as I damn well please and if you want to laugh as I run past you go ahead I’m too old to have other people’s opinions rob me of the ability to either love myself or do something I want to.

Love from the