Hangover dreams

I had such a strange dream last night, I had been out with an old friend at a wedding and drunk way too much. Then part way through the dream I remember I’m fundraising so don’t drink this year, I’m really relieved as it means I won’t have a hangover as I can’t possibly be drinking. I slide back into the dream and it’s the day after and I feel dreadful, really really dreadful.

I was so relieved to wake up and realise that no I hadn’t gone off track and no I didn’t have a hangover.

The strange thing is even before the sugar and booze free challenge although I enjoyed a little gin or wine occasionally I can’t actually remember the last time I was drunk enough to be hungover.

Very strange!

Weight loss – 23 inches (off the main bits and bobs)

One of the first questions I get asked is if I’ve lost weight over last year’s challenge and this year’s. Now although that wasn’t the aim the answer is absolutely. At a slow and steady rate. I don’t actually weigh myself but I do measurements and I know I’ve gone down a couple of dress sizes which for me usually equates to a couple of stone. In total since the beginning of my first challenge (CrossFit) I’ve lost 23 inches of the main measurable areas, of course I will have lost a bit from everywhere. With the sugar and booze free year I don’t necessarily think it’s the lack of those two that have made me lose weight rather the avoiding those two means many less impromptu calories and many more sensible decisions made.

Birthday weekend

Long post ahead. Be warned, thankfully like the best books most of it’s pictures. Firstly an obligatory cake selfie. Thank heavens I didn’t catch light!

It was a very wild birthday weekend in the Kelly house this weekend. It started Saturday morning when Charlotte brought me sunflowers and a “best teacher” card. She really is such a sweet kid.

The hedonistic craziness continued with a trip to the gym before meeting the rest of the family (sans middle child at Aunt’s) at a vegan restaurant called Supernatural in Newcastle. They are great for us as a family as my mum is vegetarian and my daughter and I are gluten free and I am now of course sugar free too. They make their own food (doesn’t always happen in restaurants) so they know exactly what’s in it. Even the dog came with us as they are very dog friendly and even have a doggie menu.

Eldest son frequently known as (big lad, you can see why when he’s next to me) kindly paid for the whole thing. He is now a man of work and means!After this my husband, daughter and I headed to the cinema to see MIB the reboot. This was actually very funny and I’d very much recommend it.Now as it was my birthday out I wanted to have cinema snacks but of course not from the concession stand so brought sugar free chocolate and a date bar with me. Shhh don’t tell them, my drink of choice was jasmine green tea. Tea is my drink of choice everywhere at the moment.Sunday the actual day of my birthday, this has been my first birthday without my sons. One is at work and the other his aunt’s. I guess that’s growing up and all that goes with it. I had some lovely presents and cards which showed the rather eclectic nature of my tastes:- vans, a bmth bag, starlord jacket and ruby necklace. Hey even geeks like shiny things.

After presents it was a cooked breakfast (of which I only managed to eat half as my husband cooks like he is cooking for invading armies, both in excess and attempts to please) dog walk and gym (it’s a day ending in y so course gym) followed by a little trip to Warkworth. Here I continued my photo series I think I shall entitle “daughter in doors”


The day is to be finished with a trip to see Much Ado About Nothing at Hulne Priory which was apparently is fabulous. Just waiting right now for it to start.

Genuinely a wonderful birthday and not a glass of wine or sugar filled cake in sight.

Food in pictures and words



Corn crackers, avocado with paprika and chilli.


Lentil and peppers and cheese


Cream of broccoli soup, corn crackers and butter


Dark chocolate



Oats, apple, strawberries, semi skimmed milk


Nut burger (I left the bread as it will have sugar in)Homemade coleslaw, potato wedges


More oats, semi skimmed milk


80% super milk (sugar free) from hotel Chocolat Oh so delicious – Aldi date bar (both with the film)Montezuma dark



Cooked breakfast


A table of cheese, fruit and refined sugar free cake. I especially like how the raw food cake turned out.

99 g of sugar on my birthday! All natural. I’m going to talk about that tomorrow.

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Day 26 – what’s wrong with me I’m missing running??

What the heck is going on I’ve started to miss running (which of course I can’t do due to broken toes). The annoying thing is when I go back to it I will probably hate it as it’s going to be awful.

Anyway just a quick update today as it’s a crazy busy one.

What I ate in food and some pictures


Oats, mixed berries, semi skimmed milk


Corn crackers with avocado



Egg and salmon omelette with broccoli


Dark chocolate

Cashew nuts

Day 25 – going sugar free (or cutting back) tips

We all know that sugar in excess is rubbish for our health, you don’t need me to sit here and witter on about why sugar is bad. It’s the primary cause of diabetes, it’s linked to obesity and cancer, it causes inflammation did you know it can even cause wrinkles! So let’s face it there are a thousand reasons to cut back on sugar even if you aren’t daft enough to give it up for fundraising.

Here’s what I’ve learned over the last 25 days:-

1. Read labels and generally assume most packet food isn’t going to happen. This isn’t actually a problem most of it is dreadful for us anyway.

2. If it sounds like sugar if probably is, and no there isn’t really any version of it that’s healthy. The sugar in fruit is healthy because it comes in the fruit, extract it from the fruit and it’s as lousy as the stuff in a mars bar.

3. Carry nuts, seriously carry nuts and nakd bars otherwise there will be occasions there is nothing to eat and you’ll verbally savage family members.

4. Cooking is not difficult, all the cooking shows and beautiful cookery books have made it seem like cooking is some kind of mystical art only achievable by alchemists. I mean who actually has saffron in their kitchen? A lot of the time cooking really comes down to simplistic meals, throw things in a slow cooker pretty much anything you throw into a slow cooker other than shoes will turn into food. Make salads with nuts, oils and fruits they are honestly really nice plus super quick. Pasta sauce is a simple as passatta with fresh basil, garlic and a little thickening.

5. Don’t be afraid of fat, right now mfp (my fitness Pal) regularly tells me daily my fat intake is too high. Because I’ve taken sugar out of my diet I’m eating more olives, olive oil and nuts/seeds. Plus if I feel like it adding creme Fraiche to fruit. I needed extra calories and they had to come from somewhere, olive oil, nuts and seeds all contain fats that are nothing but awesome for me. Recent science generally seems to exonorate fat generally in many of the health issues it had been implicated in. But that’s for someone else to explore and explain. I’m not about to start wolfing down lard with my salad anyway.

6. Your taste buds will change, within 2 to 3 weeks fruit will become ridiculously mouth wateringingly sweet, dates etc ridiculously so. I dare say by the end of this year actual sugar will be unpleasantly over sweet

7. People will look at you like you’ve 3 heads. That’s fine your health is your concern not their.

8. You’ll still sometimes want a slice a cake and if you aren’t doing a fundraiser year where you’ve commited to stopping altogether just have the cake. It’s not the one slice of cake that’s ruining people’s health it’s the 6 that come after it. If you can’t stop at one probably best to not have it in the first place, but if you do and you wake up in a sugar coma don’t worry about it just move on.

9. Cinnamon is amazing, blend it in milk, have it on oats in coffee, pretty much stick it anywhere.

10. Montezuma dark chocolate is also amazing, who’d have thought 100% dark could be a treat. But it is.

Today’s food in pictures and words


Banana, oats, cinnamon, milk


Corn crackers, hummus, eggs, salad, olives, pomegranate seeds, sprouted pulses


Falafels, salad leaves, olive oil, coleslaw


2 date balls (more on those tomorrow)

Dark chocolate

Total sugars

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