Day 10

I arrived in Musselburgh for my mediation course with my daughter (who didn’t want to be at home) at around 5. We were both tired and hungry, really really hungry. My brain isn’t working either..stress little lowers my iq to that of pond weed. Thanks to the wonders of Google maps we found a co-op and bought the most sugar free things possible, which ended up being a really random bunch of stuff, but it means I had food for this evening and for a packed lunch tomorrow.

Tired but I need to try and get my head together though for the practical week of my uni course that starts tomorrow.

Today’s food, just in words


Boiled eggs, corn crackers, butter


Corn crackers, cheese, butter.


Bread buns, Coop egg mayo, coleslaw, cheese, salad, raspberries, cashew nuts


Date bar, dark chocolate

Total sugars

Really low for today as I haven’t had a chance to eat properly so no veg etc.